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      Box of 4 Instant Noodle Mix Flavours  (NÖÖÖDLES express)
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      Box of 4 Instant Noodle Mix Flavours (NÖÖÖDLES express)

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      SKU: noodles_5
      Weight: 1 kg, 0 grams
      Stock: Stock available

      Brand: NÖÖÖDLES express
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      Products features/ Ciri-ciri Produk:

      * Halal
      * No Added MSG / Tiada MSG Tambahan
      * Easy to prepare / Mudah Disediakan
      * Travel Friendly / Mudah Dibawa
      * Premium
      * Made from high quality ingredients / Diperbuat daripada bahan bahan yang terpilih dan berkualiti tinggi
      * Tasty / Sedap
      * Suitable for anytime, anywhere / Sesuai untuk hidangan bila bila masa dan dimana sahaja
      *Product of Malaysia / Buatan Malaysia
      * Just add hot boiling water / Hanya tuang air panas

      Curry Soup Flavour
      A must try for the spicy thrill seekers. This aromatic bowl of noodles is inspired by mild Nyonya curry, giving it that punch!

      Beef Soup Flavour
      Our beef soup is bound to satisfy any appetite. A wholesome meal that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. With its mild herbs and spices, it makes this a must try.

      Vegetable Food Flavour
      A perfect vegetarian selection with a new and refreshing taste of our special blend of herbs and spices.

      TomYam Soup Flavour
      This is an all-time Asian favourite. With real tanginess of a traditional Tom Yum soup, it is good to the last slurp and packs a real kick!

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