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        Gramp's Asia Surface Wipe 150ml

        Natural Surface Wipe

        The product is powerful and easy to use leaving a squeaky clean surface.

        It is made with many natural anti-microbial ingredients that makes it a powerful disinfectant.

        You can spray it on a table (even if it is in an outdoor restaurant) and it is clean and safe enough for your children to eat off the table itself.

        Multiple applications

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        MBB GEL PINE

        1. Berwarna oren

        2. Likat seakan-akan gel

        3.Berbau Pine

        4.Menanggalkan kotoran degil seperti daki dan kulat

        5. Berbuih banyak

        6. Anti Bakteria

        7. Mengurangkan kehadiran serangga (spt lalat) dan haiwan roden (spt tikus dan lipas)

        8. Biodegredable

        RM13.90   11.12   20%
        Out of stock
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